Detect Dark Web Leakage With Breachsense

  • Breachsense tracks open, deep, and dark web sources continuously, including Tor websites, private ransomware IRC and Telegram channels, cybercrime communities and forums, and more, ensuring that your security team is notified of the breach the moment it happens.
  • Get notified whenever there’s a mention of your employees’, customers’, or executive staff’s usernames or passwords on dark web marketplaces.
  • Detect threats or mentions of your clients, VIP staff, or executive team members and prevent threats before they become incidents.
Detect Dark Web Leakage With Breachsense

Dark Web Monitoring Helps Prevent Cybercrime

By detecting data breaches in real time, your security team will be able to react immediately before any damage is done. The moment a breach is detected, you can:

Disable Compromised Accounts

Prevent Fraudulent Purchases

Upgrade Your Security Measures

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What is Dark Web Monitoring

Dark web monitoring is the process of monitoring the dark web for mentions of specific individuals, brands, phone numbers, and other types of sensitive information. With data breaches becoming increasingly common, ongoing dark web monitoring is essential for ensuring the safety of your customers' and employees’ sensitive personal information.

Dark Web Monitoring is More Important Than Ever


Of US companies reported a data breach in 2021, according to the Thales Data Threat Report

$4.62 Million

Is the average cost of a data breach, including direct damages, administrative fines, and more (Varonis).


Of your customers are likely to lose trust in your organization after a data breach (BusinessToday).

How Does Dark Web Monitoring Work?

Breachsense continuously tracks millions of online sources, including IRC and Telegram channels, private cybercrime communities, ransomware marketplaces, and more. Your security team is notified the moment there are any mentions of your:

Employee or customer account credentials

Login credentials to your C-level executive accounts

Credentials for remote access servers like SSH, Remote Desktop, and FTP

Internal company emails or documents

Employee corporate or government-issued IDs

Breachsense Is Perfect For

Penetration Testers

Red Teams

Enterprise Security Teams

Incident Response Analysts

M&A Research

Frequently Asked Questions

How does dark web monitoring help?

Dark web monitoring helps you detect data breaches in your organization in real time, notifying you the moment there’s a mention of any sensitive information related to your organization. While you won’t be able to delete these mentions on the dark web, you will be able to apply preventative measures by canceling accounts, changing passwords, and so on, mitigating any potential damage.

Is dark web monitoring worth it?

Dark web monitoring is definitely worth it. Data breaches can be very costly for organizations, both in terms of monetary losses and customer trust. The average cost of a data breach can be up to $4.62 million, while up to 65% of your customers are likely to lose trust in your organization because of a breach. As such, dark web monitoring is essential for protecting your organization, staff, and customers.

I found mentions of my staff/clients’ sensitive information on the dark web. What now?

The moment you detect sensitive information on the dark web, it’s time to act. Start by finding the exposed account credentials and changing passwords. Find the source of the leak, and patch it. Require 2-Factor Authentication on all company devices to prevent unauthorized access. Train your staff on proper cybersecurity etiquette.

Prevent Data Breaches With Dark Web Monitoring

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