65% of users recycle passwords

The overwhelming majority of hacking related breaches involve compromised or weak passwords. We enable companies to reset these stolen credentials before criminals exploit them.

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Use Cases

Prevent Cyber Attacks

Prevent one of the primary initial attack vectors for ransomware attacks by mitigating the effects of compromised credentials and password reuse.

Prevent Account Takeover Fraud

Prevent account takeover fraud and unauthorized purchases by receiving real-time alerts when your company’s data or users' credentials surface on the darkweb.

OSINT & IR Investigations

With access to the largest and most up-to-date database of breached credentials, investigators can pivot on multiple data points to enhance their research.

Pen Testers & Red Teams

Escalate privileges during engagements by integrating your client’s breached data into your testing methodology, as noted in the OWASP ASVS section 2.1.17, NIST and CWE 521.

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Illuminating the criminal underground

We enable security teams to mitigate the risk of breached credentials & company data before criminals exploit them.

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